Stephen Schwartz to Melbourne for Magnormos in 2013

Head Honcho Aaron Joyner tonight unveiled a bumper year ahead for Magnormos in 2013.

Announcements were spread across tonight’s Oz Made Musicals concert at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre. The concert featured a pair of new musicals ‘on the drawing board’ in the first half before presenting a cavalcade of stars and hits from the first ten years of Magnormos.

Tony and Olivier nominee Tony Sheldon, star of Priscilla the musical, was announced as the new Magnormos national patron. Sheldon has previously shown support by hosting two Oz Made Musicals concerts.

The first show previewed was Partners, by Peter Fitzpatrick (flowerchildren) and Anthony Costanzo (Life’s A Circus). The scenes presented showed an extended family gathering together for a fifteenth wedding anniversary celebration with some surprising revelations.

The second announcement was the new international patron, Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz. Further exciting news was revealed by Schwartz in a video message: Magnormos is to continue their innovative Triptych series in 2013 at Melbourne Recital Centre with a Stephen Schwartz Triptych. And Schwartz himself will come to Melbourne for the Triptych! Stay tuned for the names of the musicals to be performed.

The second new show given the preview treatment was Happy People by Matthew Robinson (Metro Street). A children’s entertainment group, complete with cute non-talking elephant, were seen in full flight on stage before backstage chaos revealed that they were all not quite as happy.

The songs presented in the celebration of ten years of Magnormos featured performances by literally dozens of performers, including Sam Ludeman, Jane Badler, Laura Fitzpatrick, Chelsea Plumley and Alex Rathgeber. Beginning with 2002’s Working, Magnormos counted down the years with songs from all their shows, including Flora the Red Menace, The Thing About Men, The Hatpin, [title of show] and flowerchildren.

Speaking of flowerchildren,(pictured below) the evening finished with one more big announcement: flowerchildren is to play the Comedy Theatre in May 2013.

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