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David Harris: Time is a Traveller review

Popular music theatre star David Harris shows himself to be just as comfortable in an intimate setting as he is onstage in a musical blockbuster in this charming amble through his theatrical career.

Time Is A Traveller David Harris

With a wonderfully open, disarming style, Harris puts the audience completely at ease and quickly has them eating out of his palm as he recounts his key music theatre moments and milestones. The combination of his relaxed, natural singing voice and his cheeky smile allow the audience to just sit back and enjoy Harris’ amusing stories and cherished reminiscences.

Inextricably linked to these tales are the songs from the shows that Harris has lived and loved. Taking us from hometown talent shows (who knew he could tap dance with his mouth?) to the bright lights of Sydney, Harris’ journey is one dreams that have come true and wishes that have been fulfilled. Striking a deft balance between justifiable pride and beguiling self-deprecation, Harris makes it impossible not to love him and impossible to begrudge him an ounce of his success.

David Harris Time Is A Traveller

Switching effortlessly between chest voice, head voice and falsetto, Harris thrills with selections such as “Tenterfield Saddler” from The Boy from Oz, Thoroughly Modern Millie’s “What Do I Need With Love,” and his big Miss Saigon number “Why God, Why?” Another treat is the lovely “You Walk With Me,” an underappreciated gem from The Full Monty.

Harris is supported by marvelous musician David Cameron, who displays the lightest touch on piano and, at times, guitar.

Special guest Amanda Harrison joined Harris for the rousing Irving Berlin countermelody classic “You’re Just In Love.” Having separately played Elphaba and Fiyero in Wicked, the pair finally sing “As Long As You’re Mine” together, and the wait has been well worth it.

While the ambience would have risen a notch or two with an actual cabaret setting of tables and chairs, the Chapel Loft is an ideal size for audience and performer connection. A cozy setting, varied lighting and excellent sound added to the flair of the performance.

David Harris in Time is a Traveller

With a move to New York on the very near horizon, music theatre fans should take this chance to enjoy the talent and charm of David Harris.

David Harris performs Time is a Traveller plays at Chapel off Chapel until Friday 8 August. Performances in Brisbane and Newcastle follow later this month.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s show. A great Australian talent, such a charming man and this show is David on a plate. A must see show before he heads of to New York.

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